April 11, 2016

Repair & Modification


Whether you need to refurbish an existing tool, revise existing inventory, or simply need new connections to return your tool to service, our Repairs department has the certifications, skills and equipment necessary to meet your needs.

By using the latest equipment, techniques and our extensive experience of machining Non Magnetic material Knust-Godwin can rework both API and proprietary connections and conduct the most complex repairs to non magnetic and conventional oilfield drilling and completion tools.

Our welding services such as Stubbbing, overlay and inlay welding, communication port repair, Laser cladding and specialty hard facing can also be used to repair damaged tools and return them to service.

Our engineering department is available to assist and model all repair proposals. We understand that increased asset life is crucial to your success and we will bring our team together to get your product back out in the field and with minimum downtime.