April 21, 2016



Knust-Godwin has been providing high quality precision production machining services for over a combined 100 years to companies throughout the world. We specialize in CNC turning and CNC milling with significant experience in the oil and gas, geophysical/seismic, semiconductor and medical industries. We are more than just a machine shop, we are part of your manufacturing solution. From a concept, to engineering, to prototype, to production runs, we provide you with a place to go for all your machining needs. Our commitment to quality produces high-precision part components as well as complicated turn-key assemblies. We know the service we provide will bring your projects to completion with confidence.

Knust-Godwin offers precision machining for MWD, LWD and various other down-hole applications, which are manufactured to the customer’s specification and design. These products are used extensively for directional drilling, drilling horizontal wells and formation evaluation. Our modern facilities allow us to produce even the most difficult tools according to our customer specifications.

From the Customers’ Design Concept to Product Delivery, Knust-Godwin completes your supply chain with full service manufacturing engineering solutions to conquer the most difficult machining challenges in the industry. We take pride in our People, Capabilities, and Facilities. Knust-Godwin capabilities include: Precision CNC Turning, 5-Axis Milling, Vertical and Horizontal Milling, EDM, Gun-drilling, BTA Drilling, Honing, CMM Inspection, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Welding, Laser Overlay, and E-Beam Welding.

Knust-Godwin products are manufactured under the full control of a Quality Assurance System which is continually audited and approved by API Q1 (license: Q1-0307), and complies with ISO 9001, with API certificates for 7-1 (license: 7-1-0514) and 5CT (license: 5CT-0697)



From art-to-part, our highly skilled engineering team utilizes the most advanced technology and expertise to bring your Design to Reality.

Precision Turning


Knust Godwin is an API monogram threading shop with a wide range of turning options that include small, medium, and large lathes as well as sophisticated MillTurn machines. We have extensive experience not only in oilfield tools but also small semiconductor parts all the way down to watch parts.

Laser & E-Beam Welding


Knust-Godwin is unique in that we offer multi-axis laser overlay, laser hardfacing, laser microwelding, and electron beam welding all in the same facility.

Electrical Discharge Machining


Sometimes cutting chips isn’t the answer. Knust-Godwin offers both plunge and wire EDM to burn some of the most complicated parts in the industry. Our skilled operators will bring your prints to reality using state of the art tools.

Repair & Refurbish


When you need to get that last extra mile out of a tool or when you need it completely refurbished, Knust-Godwin will bring our whole team together to get your parts back out in the field and making you money with a minimum of downtime.



Finishing is among the most critical post-machining processes for ensuring the functionality, safe handling and visual appearance of a machined part. Knust-Godwin offers a full range of finishing services to ensure your parts meet requirements and expectations.

Precision Milling


Knust-Godwin has some of the most qualified machinists in the industry. They consistently tackle some of the most complex parts ever conceived. Rest assured that our expert machinists will bring your project to completion with our state of the art 4 and 5 axis, vertical, and horizontal CNC machine tools.

Additive Manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing can have a significant impact on the way companies develop and manufacture products.
Additive Manufacturing Technology is growing and changing the production of finished goods.



More than just striking an arc, Knust-Godwin has the tools and the talent to bring your project to completion. We blend the art and science of welding using manual and automated welding technologies.



Part of being a one stop manufacturing solution is being able to accurately drill through even toughest of metals. We offer BTA drilling, Honing, ID hammer-peening and precision gundrilling.

Cold Working


Proudly offering Roller Burnishing, Cold-Rolling, and Hammer-Peening

Quality Assurance


Knust-Godwin utilizes an in-process approach to continually improve our processes. Knust-Godwin brings a formidable array of tools and techniques to check your parts including: surface plate inspection, UT, LP, helium, pressure test, and large part CMM.